• Walnut Trivet/Hot Plate 5"x5"

    Protect your counters and tables from excessive heat from hot dishes and cookware with these beautiful Hardwood Trivets.

    Each Hardwood Trivet is handcrafted by the same process and look very much the same, no two trivets are ever exactly alike, creating a unique, one of a kind piece.
    Walnut Trivet/Hot Plate 5"x5" 
  • Walnut Coffee Scoop and Bag Sealer

    This coffee scoop is exactly what the coffee lover in your life needs!
    These scoops are versatile as they are not only chic but also functional! After folding your bag of coffee, slide your scooper around the fold and seal!
    Coffee Scoop 
  • Hardwood cherry serving tray. Will make a great gift! 7"x11"x3/4"

    This cherry serving tray will make a great Christmas gift! Size is approx. 7"x11"x3/4". Perfect serving tray for a romantic wine and cheese evening or a romantic bath.
    Cherry Serving Tray